Specializing in Intimate smaller-scale events and celebrations in the Willamette Valley and Beyond

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Sound reinforcement for a broad range of small events since 2006

Saturdays Markets <> Weddings <> Announcements <> Ribbon Cuttings & Grand Openings <> Concerts <> Album Release Parties <> Retirement Parties <> Raft Races <> Campout Gatherings <> Non-profit Events <> Church and Organization fund-raisers <> Rallies <> Barn Dances <> Coming of Age rituals <> Croquet Tournaments <> Auction <> Birthdays <> Seasonal Celebrations and Holidays <> Graduations <> Team building Exercises <> Fairs



P.O. Box 723 Troutdale, OR 97060



A family owned business

Providing sound reinforcement through word of mouth for over a decade, our company began with a love for making music and quality sound, but evolved into an aptitude for supporting the performers more than being one.

A preference for smaller scale events

Whether you want audio tech for an intimate event of less than 50 people, or you plan to host closer to 500, our innovative crew will provide an affordable option for amplification, indoor or outdoor, and will be the approachable, competent, no-nonsense crew in the background making sure all goes well.

Our Clients are friends and neighbors

If you are looking for professionals who know what they are doing and you know exactly what you want, we have you covered. If, on the other hand, you have no experience and want us to walk you through all the options and help you feel confident about what our sound reinforcement or mobile recording would involve, we are happy to do that too.


Getting the sound right is one part tools, one part experience and one part intuition.
— Will Elliott (the original copilot)